Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith.

It is an opportunity to ask questions and explore ideas in a friendly and open environment.

However you would describe your personal faith or beliefs, you are welcome. It is open to everyone.

Please email for dates and times of our next online Alpha course.

We watch the film series together and then use Zoom to discuss it. So, invite your friends, colleagues and family members so they can explore the big questions of life and do Alpha online at OLOL. If you’d be interested in joining our next course please email For more information about Alpha go to 

Feedback from our previous course:

  • each question raised for discussion made me think a lot more about my faith and what it means to me in my daily life
  • inspirational, mind-altering
  • I have taken away much more to contemplate than there was time to discuss in the sessions
  • wonderful, what an experience
  • it was great to get to know more people in the parish”

 Alpha offers:  

  • a relaxed, no-pressure environment in which to consider the big questions in life 
  • an opportunity to explore with others what is important to them
  • an opportunity to learn more about the person of Jesus

Who is it for?  

  • People who have some Christian faith already and people who have none.
  • People who already know something about Jesus and people who do not.
  • Church goers and non-church goers alike.
  • Everyone!  

What’s the commitment?  

There is no obligation – we are inviting you to ‘taste and see’ and there will be no ‘follow-up’ if you decide it’s not for you at any stage.  

To find out more about Alpha in general, visit their website at