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Laudato Si’ is an encyclical (a letter) written by Pope
Francis in June 2015 and addressed not only to all
Catholics, but to everyone in the world. Laudato Si’ – On
the Care of our Common Home, is a real challenge to us
all. Pope Francis teaches us that a right relationship with
the Earth and the whole of creation is as much part of
the Church’s moral teaching as a right relationship with
God and our neighbour. Laudato Si’ urges us to change
our lifestyle, to treat nature with respect, to be deeply
aware of the interconnectedness of all God’s creation
and to live simply and without wastefulness.

Children's Laudato Si'


Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every person on the planet, asking us all to protect the earth. Will you play your part to protect our common home? 

There are resources to use like a song with lyrics, a poster and a colouring in sheet. 

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CAFOD LiveSimply Award

As a parish, we are responding to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”, by working towards achieving the livesimply award.

The award is given to communities who can show how they have been living:

  • simply
  • in solidarity with people in poverty
  • sustainably with creation.

The Season of Creation

This is The Season of Creation in the Church’s year, running from September 1 (the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation) to October 4 (Feast of St. Francis). It is a time when we are invited to celebrate creation and re-double our efforts to protect our planet.

Join the Live Simply Team

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We’d love you to join our Live Simply team. Please email with Live Simply in the subject line and we will be in touch.



Small simple ideas

We started by sharing our ideas about what it meant to live simply.

Speak Out

Please sign CAFOD’s petition to urge the Prime Minister to work with other world leaders during the coronavirus pandemic to support developing countries, where poverty is widespread and healthcare systems fragile, through cancelling debt payments due in 2020 and 2021 so that countries can spend money on much needed healthcare and through putting plans in place to rebuild a fairer, more just society after the crisis and to restore our common home for future generations